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Damon Blalack / Founder and Director of The Red Dirt Film Festival:

“The Film That Changed The World certainly changed me, which is saying a lot. As a filmmaker and film-buff who has seen thousands of films, there just aren’t many in-existence that make you think, challenge your perceptions, or change you in some new positive way. This film fulfills all of those things and more.

This is more than a documentary – it’s a Movement. The Transcendentalist Film genre is the most important use of the technology we have at our disposal, for it makes us acutely-aware of the needs of others around us and the joys to be had in the Now. Most people simply aren’t aware of this power, or of such a type of film.

But like great predecessors such as the narrative films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, to the documentary-format in Tom Shadyac’s I AM (2010) and Happy (2013), or the ever-popular The Secret (2006), the world can certainly be changed by the power of the medium; and one can understand in watching The Film That Changed The World just how much the husband and wife team the Yeagers, are doing just that, as-well as providing a catalyst-template for all who see, listen, and believe in our Universal-assisted abilities, to make the world a better place, moment-by-moment.

This is indeed a powerful film, hinting at an even-greater power within each and every viewer. Often challenging, it should nonetheless be experienced by all walks of life. There is a desperation within the global community for positive change; The Film That Changed The World quietly leads by example, with a calming assurance that we are powerful-enough, and strong-enough, to hold the awareness and fortitude in blazing such a path to our greater future.”

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