Director’s Statement:

When I watched the Jesus of Malibu film trailer “The Film that Changed the World” I saw a connection to the avant-garde movement of the 1960s in film. I kept going back to watch it and kept thinking about, how could a film made with no money, by only 2 people, how could this 7 minute movie trailer have such an enormous impact on me?

I realized that the strength of Jesus of Malibu was in the historical sense. It was historically valid. Art becomes empowering through time when it is a depiction of the emotional times of a specific evolution of man that is captured in the art form. Jesus of Malibu is right on. The emotions of these times are well depicted.

But it was more than that, I felt as if the creation of William and Anais was somehow more real than the unreal reality; to me it was transcendental, it connected to my spirit and soul because what I was watching was coming from the spirit and soul of William and Anais, Mindy and Jesus. It wasn’t about some characters representing something; it was about 2 human beings full of passion to seek Truth, to fight the good fight, to change themselves and change the world.

I was so grateful that William and Anais were manifesting life being recorded rather than scripted and then played out. I appreciate the liberty in their filming; the way they captured the dreamlike state that is real life. I love the liberty in their method of creating the film, it captures life and our deep inner thoughts that are about being in the now, and the significance of our lives and purpose.

For over 100 years the world has been producing motion pictures and nothing has changed, the formula has always remained the same . . .

What would a film look like if it was just unadulterated Truth?

Could a film change the world?

Michael Kirk