‘The Film That Changed The World’ is a documentary film about the story of William and Anais Yeager and the making of the film trilogy ‘Jesus of Malibu’.

For 7 years husband and wife and independent filmmakers William and Anais Yeager devoted their lives to create a “transcendental film”, one that would raise the conscious awareness of humanity and change the world.

 The Yeagers remarkable story and their David and Goliath determination to accomplish this mission is a testament of courage and faith.

 ‘Jesus of Malibu’ was completed with no money or financing and without a single person involved, not even a 1- person film crew. The film was written, produced, directed, and acted by William and Anais Yeager. The Yeagers also composed all the music for the soundtrack. The film was created with a method the Yeagers called “Transcendental Film-making”.

2011. After completing ‘Jesus of Malibu’ the Yeagers posted a 7- minute film trailer on YouTube. The ‘Jesus of Malibu’ film trailer would be featured on the International news, seen by millions of people, all in less than a 48- hour period, due to the Yeagers’ publicity stunt and media protest campaign to raise the conscious awareness of humanity.

The Yeagers’ film trailer would spark anger and debate and in the weeks to follow it would be banned by religious protesters who began posting their own “anti- Jesus of Malibu” videos. Subsequently the trailer was removed by YouTube over 4 –times. Regardless of the protests, this independent film trailer would inspire a passionate union of enlightenment seekers who began to donate their talents creating music, art, posters, paintings, comics, graffiti and songs which would invoke a world-wide artistic grassroots movement which became known as the “The Revolution for the Freedom of the Mind”.

Victor Hugo said:  “There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come.”

“Jesus of Malibu, The Film that Changed the World.”