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Jesus of Malibu emulates what I’ve aspired to find my whole life. A revolution within my own mind, in search of truth deprived of vanity. This fim will bring a breath of fresh air amongst the overused clichés and stereotypes in cinematic standards.
William and Anais Yeager have reached out from their own depth hoping to change the world, or at the very least to stimulate others such as myself towards altruism and the beneficial impact it may hold.
There is no freedom in the enslaved mind, there is no freedom in the secluded one. There are only messages such as this one which can help bridge the gaps of division. Reach out to revolutionize your minds !

Much Love,

Nicola San Giorgio


By Jaime Correa

“There’s not too much people that see chances where problems are, that see the chance to evolve through crisis, but that’s the case of Bill and Anais, who without financial or big technical support, but with hearts full of love and minds gifted with common sense they just decided to go for it…and I could totally related to them in that level, and later through the creative process in terms of ideas acting in a beautiful odd synchronicity. Just with my low quality pencils, A4 sheets of paper, the scanner at home and a very basic knowledge about the use of the software in my very old computer. Every line, every shape, form and color represents not only graphic elements features on the film, but also intends through ornamentation to display the message that Jesus of Malibu encloses. Being aware at the same time that this message would not easy to digest for many viewers, this piece is just a friendly fire starter that precedes the explosion that will occur in your mind due to Jesus of Malibu…, arsonists of the reason, revolutionaries of the mind.”


“I am a real believer in the power of us as people and I would in my image try to capture some of that feeling, which seems from the videos I have watched of Jesus of Malibu film that is a central theme. Fragility and Might. Adventure and Waiting. Heat and Cold. The dualities of Life and Humanity.”

By Canadian Illustrator Debby Gonzalez

My name is Briana, and I joined the JOM family of artists because I have only one drive in life, and that is the journey of spiritual growth, the constant pursuit of higher consciousness, and the hunger for universal knowledge. Our brothers and sisters all over the world are suffering. Life, this world, this universe, is so much larger and more intricate than any one of us can even comprehend. We’ve invented science to teach us a microscopic portion of the wonderment and complexities of this thing we call existence… a microscopic portion. None of us really understands any of it. But at the root of it all, is a very very basic concept: oneness. There’s never been a more cliché phrase that was truer: we are one. People must open their minds to another avenue of thinking and being. Unfortunately, video games, music videos, alcohol, clothes, television, and money have become the precedents for future generations. Outside of our bubbles, the problems of the world do.not exist; this is a viral and poisonous way of thinking.

The Jesus of Malibu movement is about the revolution of the mind, and the triumph of human consciousness over human ignorance. As an artist who ultimately only wishes to expose truth, to be a part of such a thing is a privilege.


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Margaux Lopis – I’m french and graphic designer.

In Jesus of Malibu, Anais and Billy filmed their own conception of life in a very free way.

That’s why I collaborate today in their project with pleasure.

All my compositions are made of ideas that the film has suggested to me.

I really like the aesthetic of the film, the way they made these beautiful images mixed with serious ideas and comic situations… with a lot of honesty.

Very glad to participate to this project.


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jesus of malibu film trilogy

I guess if I had to put a thought under the drawing about why I wanted to do it it would be this:

Billy and Anais had a vision to bring something beautiful to the world. So much so that gave up much of their material life, a thing which would be difficult for most of us but I think was easy for them. Because they not only share this vision but they clearly love each other more then themselves.

They are truly an inspiration.


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I am forever grateful for having such inspiration in my life, as this film, as yourselves.

A beacon of hope in a day when all seems lost.

Your words resonate within my soul and justify all that I do.

Ahmad Hassan

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jesus of malibu truth

“Truth will save the world.”

By Rosie Laszlo